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GaN is so fast! Extended fast charging set (free with a fast charging cable) (pre-order)


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Power block color
Charging cube color
Gift charging cable model
  • The powerful fast charging combination of 100W fast charging
  • 1650w powerful power supply, and built-in overload protection. Powerful and safe!
  • The two-segment display light signal reminds you that the power consumption does not exceed the standard.
  • Built-in GaN gallium nitride chip, powerful fast charging up to 100w, even a Macbook Pro can handle it!
  • The built-in switch can turn off all power sources with one click, so you don’t have to worry about frequent plugging and unplugging of worn wires, and you don’t waste electricity.
  • With the plug cube, it is a powerful travel fast charger.
  • This product includes: a power supply cube (2m), a charging cube, and a gift extremely fast charging cable (1m/2m).
  • Note: This product is a pre-order product and is expected to be shipped in the order of order starting from 2024/03/31!